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Skin Tightening – Face & Neck

When gravity begins to take a toll on your looks, it’s hard not to feel like your youthful days are behind you. If you’ve ever pulled back at your increasingly large jowls, or hidden your once graceful neck with bulky turtlenecks or silky scarves, then you know firsthand how the effects of aging can quietly make their way into your life. Sagging skin over your face and neck can obscure your vibrant outlook on life, and make you look much older than you may feel. However, there is a way for you to defy the aging process and recapture the looks you once had – and you can do it without resorting to painful surgical procedures with long recovery times.

Get natural looking results using the latest in cutting-edge aesthetic procedures. Epic Med Spa notably offers an exceptional  nonsurgical, no-downtime skin tightening treatment for the face and neck. With the most advanced skin tightening technology, we can help you regain a vivid confidence and youthful vibrancy without incisions and sutures.

Viora For the Face

Epic Med Spa offers Viora for skin tightening. It is non-invasive radiofrequency devices that gently target the dermal layer to encourage natural, gradual collagen production and skin tightening.

Some advantages of Viora for skin tightening include:

  • No downtime

  • Non-Invasive

  • No anesthesia required; mild or zero discomfort

  • Great for younger clients or those with minor laxity

Skin Tightening – Body

We know you do what it takes to maintain good health, and that you care about your body’s wellness. However, it can be somewhat discouraging if your body doesn’t completely reflect this mindset. You want to look as good as you feel, but if it seems like your body does not respond to your hard work and dedication, we invite you to learn about our beneficial body contouring treatment.

It’s easy to think that diet and exercise are the be-all-end-all methods for achieving a sleeker, smoother, and slimmer figure. Unfortunately, factors like the loss of skin elasticity and aging can lead some to form unwanted pockets of body fat or the appearance of sagging skin in multiple areas of the body. Where once there were smooth curves, there now may be loose, crepey skin and pockets of fat that never seem to respond to any lifestyle change.

When diet and exercise have failed, Epic Med Spa can help you regain your firmer, smoother figure with our non-invasive skin tightening and fat reducing treatments for the body. Feel confident, sexy, and powerful—and you can do it without the sacrifice of surgery.

Viora For the Body

Epic Med Spa also offers Viora skin tightening for the body to eliminate loose skin on various areas. Viora is a noninvasive radiofrequency device that heats the layers of the dermis to encourage collagen tightening and new collagen production.


  • No downtime

  • Non-Invasive

  • No anesthesia required; mild or zero discomfort

  • Lower cost

  • Great for younger clients, or those with minor laxity

  • Viora for the body is helpful when laxity and textural changes are mild. Moreover, Viora for the body is often used as a “maintenance” procedure. If used as the first line of defense against aging, it works best over a series of sessions to achieve the right effect, and we recommend maintenance sessions thereafter to keep the results on point.

Epic Med Spa is an aesthetics center that is devoted to offering patients skin tightening treatment. We understand that not all patients can or want to undergo a painful surgical procedure, which is why we’re passionate about helping patients choose the right nonsurgical skin tightening treatment. We’ll map out your treatment plan with your anatomy, visual goals, and even your financial considerations in mind.


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