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The Benefits of Sculpsure

SculpSure is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure, it is comfortable, relatively painless procedure. It is not considered a weight loss procedure. In fact, it is recommended for patients who are close to their ideal weight. SculpSure is designed to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat on the body that won’t respond to diet and exercise.
SculpSure can work on a variety of areas such as:
•The abdomen
•The flanks (love handles)
•The back
•The inner thighs
•The outer thighs

How Does SculpSure Work?
SculpSure uses light-based energy with a 1060 nm wavelength, a specific wavelength that has an affinity for fatty tissue. That means that SculpSure’s energy passes through the skin to target the fat deposits underneath. SculpSure also uses contact Cooling throughout the treatment, protecting the skin and helping to keep the patient comfortable. Once the fat cells absorb heat energy, 24 % of fat cells will be destroyed in a single 25 minutes treatment. The melted fat is processed and naturally removed from the body over the course of 6 to 12 weeks, patients can see result as early as 6 weeks.

What to expect during your SculpSure treatment?
When the treatment starts, initially you will feel a cooling sensation. This helps keep the skin comfortable during treatment. The cooling will be on the entire treatment, while the laser cycles on and off, raising the temperature of the fat cells. Most patients feel a deep warmth and/or tingling sensation intermittently throughout the treatment which is generally well-tolerated.
Recovery from SculpSure

There is no recovery or downtime required for the SculpSure procedure. Patients do experience some mild side effects after the treatment, include swelling, temporary redness, and soreness in the treatment area which could last up to 2 weeks. It is recommended to drink lots of water to help the body clear the melted fat from the treatment area. It is also recommended to manually massage the area treated at least twice a day for 2-5 minute to help stimulate the lymphatic system.
Frequently Asked Questions About SculpSure

What is the difference between SculpSure and Cool Sculpt?
CoolSculpting is FDA-Approved to remove up to 22% of fat in the treatment area in one single treatment over a few weeks to few months
SculpSure is FDA-Cleared to remove up to 25% of fat in the treatment area in one single treatment over 6-12 weeks.

SculpSure laser targets the fat cells, destroying them with heat, and protects the skin will cooling measures. SculpSure can also adjust the treatment to the individual patient’s comfort level. If a certain area feels too warm, that particular laser panel setting can be adjusted to achieve a more comfortable treatment.

There is no suction required with SculpSure, and treatment sessions take only 25 minutes per area. We also tend to see some skin tightening in the area treated due to collagen stimulation, which does not happen with CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting works by damaging the fat cells using a suction-based handpiece that delivers freezing technology. CoolSculpting can result in more discomfort in the region treated, and this discomfort can be prolonged after the treatment is completed. Once the handpiece is disconnected, the treated area needs to be vigorously massaged to rewarm the tissue. This is reported to be painful and results in a longer recovery. Prolonged numbness and bruising, as well as contour irregularities, have been reported with CoolSculpting. These irregularities can occur because any tissue not sucked into the applicator is not treated, thus there can be a demarcation between treated and untreated areas which can be felt and in some cases even seen.

Am I a Candidate for SculpSure?
You’re an ideal candidate for SculpSure if you’re at a healthy weight and you want to eliminate stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat on your body.

When Will I See SculpSure Results?
Many of our patients start to see results as early as 4 weeks after their first treatment, with the full results appearance over the course of 12 weeks.

How Long Will My SculpSure Results Last?
Once SculpSure eliminates fat cells, they do not grow back. Of course, SculpSure won’t remove all the fat cells in the treatment area (that would be incredibly unsafe). If patients gain weight after their treatment, the weight gain will be spread out evenly throughout the body so the treated area could be affected. It’s highly recommended that patients maintain their results with diet and exercise. If patients maintain their weight and exercise regimen, SculpSure results will be permanent.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the result of pockets of fat underneath the skin pushing up against connective tissue bands underneath the skin. While we’re not entire sure why cellulite occurs, the dimpled look in the skin often occurs in part because of weakened stores of collagen and elastin—the proteins that make up connective tissue. Because of weakened connective tissues in the skin, the fat stored underneath the skin are able to push up and create a lumpy appearance. Factors like aging (leading to a decrease in collagen stores and skin elasticity) and hormonal changes (leading to an increase in stores of fat) have been said to contribute to the development of cellulite.

What is Cellulite reduction and body Contouring?

There are plenty of non-invasive procedures on the market that use different types of science or technology to address issues in the skin, such as cellulite or skin laxity. Increasing collagen production, for example, is a popular approach to achieve younger, smoother skin, but it may not always target the root cause of loose, sagging skin. Using innovative technology and high-intensity energy, Body by Viora radiofrequency procedure aims to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue to help strengthen, tighten, and lift areas.

Who Can Benefit From radiofrequency cellulite reduction?

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and personal training can all help you keep your body sculpted against shifts due to gravity, hormonal fluctuations, weight increase, and other changes. Unfortunately, however, this type of approach doesn’t fit into everyone’s lifestyle. As we age, gravity can also make it harder to reverse the loss of in elasticity and tightness in the abdomen over time. Radiofrequency cellulite reduction is an excellent solution for men and women who wish to reduce the appearance of stubborn, unwanted fat. It delivers a deep remodeling of your body contour to help reshape and correct imperfections throughout the body.

Viora For the Body

Epic Med spa offers Viora skin tightening for the body to eliminate loose skin on various areas. Viora is a noninvasive radiofrequency device that heats the layers of the dermis to encourage collagen tightening and new collagen production.


  • No downtime

  • Non-Invasive

  • No anesthesia required; mild or zero discomfort

  • Lower cost

  • Great for younger clients, or those with minor laxity

  • Viora for the body is helpful when laxity and textural changes are mild. Moreover, Viora for the body is often used as a “maintenance” procedure. If used as the first line of defense against aging, it works best over a series of sessions to achieve the right effect, and we recommend maintenance sessions thereafter to keep the results on point. 


Sculpsure Fat Reduction & Cellulite Reduction & Body Contouring

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